Pompeii: not only an archaeological attraction

In visita a Pompei

08 Feb Pompeii: not only an archaeological attraction


According to most of tourists the main reason to visit our city is Ancient Pompeii, the world biggest archaeological site, the magnificence of a buried Roman town which came to light during the 18th century. Nevertheless modern Pompeii and its places of tourist deserve a tour.


Pompeii is known as one of the most important place of worship in Italy. It’s tied to Virgin of the Rosary, whose miraculous icon is preserved in the big church downtown modern Pompeii.
Visiting the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei – that’s what it’s called – is a pleasant experience to non-believers too. The church in fact is full of art and pilgrims, which come here from all over Italy to pray, ask for saving grace and give their offering votives – ex voto -.
Then you can go up the bell tower which overlooks the valley to enjoy the amazing view on the gulf of Naples and Ancient Pompeii.


The Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii was founded by Bartolo Longo who pushed the rebirth of modern Pompeii. In fact at that time the area was populated by poor farmers and tourists who came to visit Ancient Pompeii found nothing in the surroundings. There was only an old and small church where people met. Bartolo Longo was the manager of a Neapolitan noblewoman’s properties in Pompeii Valley and he was so devoted to the Virgin of the Rosary that he obtained a sacred icon which immediately revealed itself as able to respond the Grace requests. So modern Pompeii was built based on worship and Bartolo Longo himself launched a global petition and fundraising to build the new church.
A modern attitude for Bartolo Longo who imagined and built a post office and a train station too pushing the organisation of the city.
So visit Ancient Pompeii and don’t forget the modern one! Hotel del Sole in an ideal starting point to do so thanks to its strategic position in the city centre, overlooking the ruins.

Hotel del Sole

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