About Us

About Us

The Hotel del Sole is situated opposite the entrance to the archaeological site of Pompeii. Two restaurants, a bar and a fantastic garden atmosphere that will bring our guests in the past. Our staff will always greet you with a smile because they make your perfect holiday is our job!

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The Hotel del Sole was born at the end of the nineteenth century as Hotel du Soleil, a humble, welcoming and comfortable inn that housed travelers visiting the Ancient Pompeii.

Numerous American and English publications and travel guides of the time suggest the Hotel du Soleil as a landing place for tourists, artists and students, favoring it among the 3 hotels already present in Pompeii, above all for the friendliness and care of the owner.

In the second half of the twentieth century the inn was renovated and enlarged with the opening of the restaurant “Del Sole”. Subsequently, in 1969, given the great success, a second restaurant was inaugurated on the third floor with a suggestive panoramic view of the excavations and the Vesuvius.

Throughout history, the structure has become a landmark in Pompeii, thanks to the modern philosophy of hospitality and the quality of services offered by the owners both in hotel hospitality and in catering.